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Education must be constantly improved upon to meet the requirements and challenges of today’s modern world. It needs to provide real life skills, encourage innovation and support the diversity of students' talents. Relevant education is vital to the wellbeing of any society. It is especially crucial to the survival and progress of the developing countries with an increasing number of young people; and the developed nations facing labour shortages and the threat of artificial intelligence and automated society.

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Curated Repository for Learning about Trending & Latest Education Themes & Topics

A knowledge repository and Publications on many areas including modern Literacies and Education.

Advocating Ideals of Education through Outreach Activities

Events, Projects and Programmes that elicit thinking and prompting change in the way we perceive what education is about.

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Services for Supporting a Rapidly Evolving Education Landscape

Providing Relevant , Up-to-Date and High Quality Services to support the education stakeholders in a constantly evolving education landscape in various stages of reform.

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Fostering and Growing Communities of Educational Stakeholders

Reaching out to all stakeholders of education to provide greater interactions, communications and partnerships


Providing a list and directory of education related resources

Education Vendors & Service Providers | Teaching & Learning Resources | Tuition, Enrichment & After-school Programmes

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  • SporeARK: At Risk Kids Programme
  • Citizens of Tomorrow: Character, Citizenship, Leadership & Life-skills Education
  • LADST: Promoting Communication and Expression
  • SPOREGEG: Singapore Google Educators Group
  • QualEd: Quality Education Project
  • (Not Just Another) Tuition Agency
  • Play.Explore.Learn.
  • Holiday Programmes for Teenagers & Children
  • Professional Development for Educators
  • ICT Integration in Education